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FIRST RESPONDERS: Priests Serving on the Frontline


For the Archdiocese of Boston, a fundraising video highlighting some of the many ways Boston’s priests serve their community. The piece profiles 3 different priests and is built around the theme of “first responders”. We profile a US Army Chaplin who served in the Vietnam war, the Logan Airport Chaplin who tells us about his experience of 9/11, and a Boston Police Chaplin who provided comfort in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Working on this project was a truly moving experience.

Producer: Larry Dombrowski
Director of Photography & Editor: Bob Pierce


Boston University College of Engineering


A recruiting video for BU’s College of Engineering. Shot and edited by me, and produced by Larry Dombrowski.




Christian Jacobs: Living with FH


The inspiring story of Christian Jacobs, a young man living with a rare disease who has dedicated himself to helping others suffering with the same affliction.

director: Liz Klein
director of photography: John Pickett
editor: Bob Pierce

Analog Devices: One Company


An overview of just some of the many surprising ways Analog Devices’ products enhance everyday life.

Produced by Lightstream Associates
Liz Klein & Bob Pierce, producers




GlassHouse Technologies

A video for GlassHouse Technologies, an IT consulting firm.

Produced by LightStream Associates
Liz Klein, producer
Bob Pierce, director of photography and editor

One thing that’s kind of cool about this one is the 3D animation we did of the data center. It was built in photoshop and animated in after effects.


Back to Nerd: Behind the Scenes with Ted the Storage Guy!

My favorite episode from the Ted the Storage Guy viral comedy series. Paul and Tyler are fantastic improvisors, and where a blast to work with.

Starring Paul Myrehaug and Tyler Boeh.

Produced by LightStream Associates, Liz Klein & Bob Pierce, producers.

Clara’s Dream: A Jazz Nutcracker – Promotional Film

From many years ago, a nice little film I did about a jazz/tap production featuring many luminaries in the world of tap. An amazing production with some incredible performances. Please excuse the image quality, it’s from the dark ages of the internet!